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PostSubject: ALLIANCE LAWS   ALLIANCE LAWS Icon_minitimeSat Dec 15, 2007 4:37 am

1. You MAY NOT disrespect your fellow Members. Have opposing points of view, but on no condition should you go out of your way to be insulting to a fellow alliance member.

2. You may not attack a fellow member of the alliance unless given permission to farm.

3. You must post at least once every week on the alliance forum. AS well as any Mandatory Posts Inactivity will lead to suspension or removal from the alliance.

4. On certain issues, there will be votes. But once the final decision is made, all members must respect that decision.

5. In war time the advice of the the HC and Strike Team Leaders, currently to be confirmed will be followed.

6. Traitors to the alliance will be punished. If one leaves the alliance, they are free to do as they wish, but an information learned here must stay here

7. Cheaters and scammers will be punished severely.

8. Respecting all branches of our alliance is a must.

9. No member will go on vacation mode without speaking to a member of the HC first, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Forum Rules

1. No making fun of people for their spelling. Not everyone is an English speaker.

2. Try to keep the language clean. Not everyone is a certified adult in here.

3. No spamming in allaince issues

4. Porn links and such are not allowed on this site.

5. When replying to a post, try to be polite. Remember you may be enemies on the game, but it's just a game after all!

6. The decisions of the mods are final. If you have a problem with anything, there is a board for it, or u may pm one of the mods.

7. All discussions about Lord of the Rings, 300, King Arthur or other programs from the era of RB should include spoiler space where appropriate.
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