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PostSubject: Welcome   Welcome Icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 8:04 am

Welcome to the Forums of the Conclave Of Apostates Alliance... One of the oldest and greatest alliances round in RB and has stood the test of time and endurance in this game.

Now that the game is back up the forums is back up and ready to go.

Everyone has had their permissions removed and if you want to join back into COA and get back into the forums, send me an in game message with your player name, player ID and forum name please and I will update your permissions accordingly.

But now looking forward...

Desi has created the alliance in RB again and I thank him for doing this... I am leader at the moment until we get the alliance going where we can have a proper voting system take place(or something) for the leaders and HC.

I cant wait to see you back out there again as this version of RB looks absolutely outstanding with so many features and updates coming, is sure to be one of the best games out there....

Many thanks to ACE for making this possible... NOW COA, rise to the call and get ready to rule this game, we can only do this if we work together, so lets get moving, join up, send me a message and lets get active and get dominating Very Happy

Good Luck to you all in these first few days,

Latham (Leondias I)
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